EX93008: PCI-bus 8 channel Sync Isolated Analog Output Board

PCI-bus 8 channel Sync Isolated Analog Output Board
  • 32-bit PCI-Bus, Plug and Play, complies with PCI local bus Rev 2.1
  • 8-CH 12-bit voltage output
  • Fully isolation protection from PC power to external device
  • 2500Vrms isolation voltage
  • Unipolar or bipolar voltage output range
  • Current output available on PCI-93008A,
  • On board DC-to-DC converter provide voltage and current source
  • 8 Isolated digital input channels
  • 8 Isolated digital output channels
Voltage Output
  • Numbers of channel: 8 channel for PCI-96308V and PCI-96308A
  • Converter: DAC2815AP or equivalent
  • Conversion type: Monolithic multiplying
  • Resolution: 12-bit no missing code (11-bit guarantee)
  • Voltage output range: (jumper selectable) Bipolar:±10V,Unipolar: 0~10V
  • Voltage output range: Bipolar:±10V,Unipolar: 0~10V
  • User defined unipolar: 0~ user defined voltage.
  • Voltage output driving capability:±5mA min.
  • Settling time: 16 m second (-10V to +10V)
  • DA update time: 90 m second for four channels simultaneously
  • Gain error:±0.2 % (max, without trimming)
  • Differential Linearity Error:±0.002 % Full Scale Range
  • Data Transfer: Programmed I/O
  • Isolation voltage: 2500Vrms (photo isolation PC9D10)
  • Output initial status: 0V (after RESET or POWER-ON)

Digital Input
  • Numbers of digital input channel: 8 isolated input channel
  • Photo isolator: PC814 or equivalent
  • Isolation voltage: 5000Vrms
  • Input voltage: up to 34VDC (Logic "L": 0~3.0V, Logic "H": 3.2~34V)
  • Input resistance: 4.7KW @ 0.5W
Digital output
  • Numbers of digital output channel: 8 isolated output channel
  • Photo isolator: PC817 or equivalent
  • Isolation voltage: 5000Vrms
  • Output type: Photo-coupler, open collector up to 35VDCup to 34VDC
  • Sink current: 50mA maximum
Other specifications
  • Operating temperature :0° C~55° C
  • Storage temperature:-20° C~80° C
  • Humidity: 5 ~95% non-condensing
  • Connector: 37-pin D-sub connector (female)
  • Bus interface: 32-bit slave PCI bus
  • Power consumption: +5VDC @ 220mA typical/+12VDC @175mAtypical
  • PCB Dimension: Half-sized 172 mm x 105 mm