EX94220: 2*COM PCI Card

2*COM PCI Card
The 2S PCI CARD is a PCI-based serial and client, or server to provide parallel expansion add-in card to provide a connectivity solution for today's PC systems. It provides two ultra-high performance 16C550 UARTs over PCI slot.
The 16C550 UART is the most popular PC-compatible UART,  offering data rate up to 115Kbps and 16-byte deep transmitter and receiver FIFOs. The deep FIFOs reduce CPU overhead and allow utilization of higher data rates. Each UART channel is software compatible with widely used industrystandard 16C550 devices and compatibles.
For legacy applications, the PCI resources have been arranged so that the serial ports can be located at standard I/O addresses for DOS environment.
With its complete hardware and strong OS support, the 2S PCI CARD is an ideal upgrade to support all UART-Parallelcompatible devices for the rapidly changing desktop computer to preserve user's investment in Serial/Parallel interface.
  • Two 16C550 UART Serial Ports
  • PCI 32-bit, PIO Mode with 133MB/S Bandwidth
  • PCI IRQ Sharing Feature Eliminates IRQ Conflicts
  • Supports both 5V and 3.3V Standard PCI Slots
  • Two DB9-Male Connectors (or 2 internal Headers)
  • Optional Short Brackets for Low Profile PCI Slot
  • Works with all types of I/O peripherals: Modems, Plotters, PDAs, Printers, Removable Cartridge Drives, CD-ROM/R/RW, SuperDisk LS-120, Digital Camera and others.
  • Supports Win 95/98, Me, NT, Win2000, XP, Linux