Ethernet Extenders

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When you need to extend Ethernet services beyond the general IEEE 802.3 limits of 328ft / 100m, and new fiber cabling is cost prohibitive, Ethernet Extenders are the perfect solution. Perle Ethernet Extenders transparently extend 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections across copper wiring. Use single twisted pair (CAT5/6/7 ), coax or any existing copper wiring previously used in alarm circuits, E1/T1 circuits, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, CCTV and CATV applications.

Perle has a wide variety of Ethernet Extenders to meet every need. To choose the best Ethernet Copper Extender for your project, select the platform type or network topology you require.


  • Extend network distanced up to 10,000 feet ( 3 KM ) over 2-wire 24 AWG twisted pair
  • Hi-Speed – up to 200+ mbps aggregate bandwidth
  • Transparent operation for all Ethernet protocols including 802.1Q VLAN packets and IP video compression schemes
  • Advanced features: Link Pass-Through, Interlink Fault Feedback, Plug and Play, Auto-MDIX and Loopback

The quality of Ethernet Extender that you choose will affect the uptime of your network.

Choose an Ethernet Extender that is made with robust and reliable components.

If you choose a low-end Ethernet Extender, the end to end connection on your network will always appear as if it is up and running, even though the connection may be broken or disconnected. All Perle Ethernet Extenders have an on-board microcontroller which deals with error detection and recovery by continuously monitoring the status of the links. If there is a break or failure in the link, both end devices become aware and react accordingly.

In addition, Perle Ethernet Copper Extenders only use high-end components from leading chip manufacturers to ensure product reliability.

Choose an Ethernet Extender with high MTBF rates.

Most Ethernet Extender manufacturers do not publish (or make very difficult to find) their MTBF’s. Perle is proud of the reliability of all our Ethernet Extenders. The high MTBF rates can be found on the Hardware Specs for each product.

Choose an Ethernet Extender manufacturer with technical engineers you can speak to before you purchase. Make sure you choose the right product.

If you need a technical consultation (by phone or email) to help you choose the best Ethernet Extenders for your application, Perle is easy to reach. We have sales and technical support staff around the globe to support you when you need it.

Choose an Ethernet Extender manufacturer that will give you post-sales technical support if you need help.

Perle Ethernet Extenders are extremely easy to install and configure. But, if you do get stuck, Perle will not abandon you. Our world-wide Technical Support staff can assist you with any post sales support you might need.

Choose a manufacturer that has such high confidence in their Ethernet Extenders, that they guarantee them with a Lifetime Warranty.

Perle is so confident in the quality of our Ethernet Extenders we give you a Lifetime Warranty. How is that for peace of mind?

Choose an experienced manufacturer that you can trust.

Perle has been providing reliable device connectivity solutions since 1976. That’s over 30 years of experience that businesses around the globe have come to trust to deliver superior connectivity technology for mission critical applications.

Network uptime is vitally important to your success. Choose quality products. Choose Perle.